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A-Star Cricket is a cricket coaching program designed by cricketers who have experienced cricket around the world

A-Star Cricket Coaching is:

  • A cricket technical coaching method suited for all ages but especially for players aged 5-16 years old of all abilities and their parents and coaches.
  • A method that focuses on Individual skill development and match craft.
  • Fun, engaging and safe for all involved.

The ultimate goal of the A-Star Cricket Coaching Method is to:

  • Develop skilled, confident and creative players
  • Make the game fun to practice and play
  • Teach good sportsmanship and respect for all
  • Value winning but not more than character and performance
  • Provide a safe & educational experience that meets best practice criteria
  • Promotes exciting cricket and drives increased participation in the sport

The A-Star Cricket Performance Building Blocks

A-Star Cricket believes that a cricketers' ultimate cricket performance can only be achieved if they have established the 6 Performance Building Block















Exercises, drills and games that teach effective and dynamic movement from a stable base and controlled balance



Exercises and games to improve hand to eye coordination, catching and throwing in a dynamic environment

Exercises, drills and games that forces repetition and control through key technical bowling and batting actions

Exercises and drills that improve individual players technique and encourage innovative play in all areas of the game

Exercises, drills and games to improve agility, acceleration and power with and without the bat or ball

Exercises and games that improve team play and tactics across specific scenarios


Each building block combines multiple exercises, drills and games for players of all ages. Many of the exercises can be used by A-Star Cricket coaches and by players practicing on their own.

Each building block can be worked on and developed at the same time as another one, this is not a methodology where one module should be completed before moving to the next. Each building block is progressive and all are coached throughout A-Star Cricket programs.